Our milestones

The history of Pasotec GmbH is closely linked to the history of the parent company Heidrive GmbH and can thus be traced back to the year 1720. Over the decades, today's Pasotec GmbH was sometimes integrated into Heidrive as a business unit, and sometimes it operated as an independent company. It went through name changes and new foundations, but the core business - the development and production of systems engineering solutions for major customers - has always endured and remains to this day.

Pasotec experienced the most recent change in the company structure in January 2015: Since then, the Systems Engineering business unit has once again been operating under its own name (Pasotec GmbH) and, as a subsidiary of Heidrive GmbH, has taken on an important independent place in the company structure.


Opening of a metal goods factory

In 1938, Hans Heidolph Senior founded the Hans Heidolph metal goods factory.
From a blacksmith's shop in Schwabach arose a metal goods factory that expanded worldwide. 



Inauguration of Kelheim plant

From 250 employees, the workforce can be increased to 500 with the opening of the new plant in Kelheim.
It is the self-proclaimed goal to refine and improve the product groups of the time.




Foundation of DevAppa

With the company DevAppa, another plant is added in Kelheim in 1968, where complete system units - for example for medical technology - are manufactured. In 2015, DevAppa is renamed PASOTEC GmbH.



Film developing machines for the company Agfa

In the 1980s, DevAppa (now Pasotec) was very successful in the production of film processors, continuous dryers and other equipment and apparatus needed in the analog film and photographic industry. Well-known companies such as Agfa are experiencing a worldwide boom and rely on system solutions from Kelheim.




Certification according to DIN ISO 9001

DIN EN ISO 9001 is a standard from the overall series DIN EN ISO 9000 et seq. It is a globally recognized standard that defines requirements for effective quality management in a company. Designed to be sector-neutral, it is valid for companies from industry, business and the service sector, i.e. also for educational companies, labor market service providers and non-profit organizations.



Development of the first drive unit for the company Dräger

In 2000, the (then) Heidolph Elektro GmbH & Co. KG develops the first drive unit for a lifting arm of the company Dräger. This cooperation quickly turned into something more, and the Systems Engineering business unit was commissioned to design and manufacture the housing for the lifting arm in question.


Production of the first trolley for the company Dräger

After years of partnership, Heidrive GmbH receives another order for the development and production of a trolley (chassis) for ventilation equipment from Dräger. 

Further trolley series will follow and Pasotec establishes itself as a permanent A-supplier in the supplier portfolio of the large corporation.


Heidrive wins the Dräger Supplier Award in the Overall category

The Dräger Group in Lübeck, a global player in the medical and safety technology sector, presents five awards among its partners for quality, service, logistics, innovation and competitiveness. In addition, an award will be given to the winner of all classes. In 2011, the award went to Heidolph Elektro GmbH & Co. KG from Kelheim. The family-run systems engineering specialist from Kelheim is chosen as the best business partner from over 3000 internationally active suppliers.

Heidolph develops complex systems and elaborate assemblies for the medical sector, such as trolleys for transporting highly sensitive equipment, for Dräger.



Heidrive wins the Dräger Supplier Award in the Quality category

Also in the following year, the systems engineering division of Heidolph Elektro GmbH receives the Supplier Award from Dräger. This time in the quality category.

This double award is an honor, because whoever works for or at Dräger bears responsibility for life and we are pleased that we can meet the high quality standards of our customer. 


New foundation of Heidrive GmbH

As part of the strategic realignment and expansion of the Drive Technology and Systems Engineering divisions -
primarily due to the focus on the new servo series HeiMotion Premium - in 2013 Heidolph Elektro GmbH & Co. KG becomes the independent company Heidrive GmbH.


New foundation of PASOTEC GmbH

In 2015, the Systems Engineering division will be transferred to a separate company with the establishment of the new subsidiary PASOTEC GmbH.

Pasotec GmbH develops and manufactures receiving and transport equipment for medical devices. As a system partner, we relieve the market leaders in the field of medical technology and assume overall responsibility for your project from the idea to series production.


New owner: Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Effective January 2016, all shares in Heidrive GmbH will be sold to the US drive technology specialist Allied Motion Technologies Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies Inc. is an internationally positioned manufacturer of motion control products based in New York State. With further sites in the US states of Ohio, Michigan and Alabama, branches in Mexico and China, and European sites in the Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal, the Group has a strong international presence. The company grew out of Hathaway Corporation, which had been active in energy monitoring since the 1960s. In 2002, this company sold its power and process equipment business, which has since been operating under the new name Allied Motion Technologies. The naming of the company already reflected its strategic focus on the motion control sector. Through the acquisition of various drive technology companies in the USA and Europe, Allied Motion built up a broad portfolio of products and drive solutions to serve an international market. Allied Motion Technologies is thus on its way to becoming a leading supplier in this promising segment.


PASOTEC GmbH obtains the ISO 13485 certification

In 2016, Pasotec receives DIN EN ISO 13485 certification for the first time. This certification requires a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices and specifies a high level of quality, safety and product effectiveness.


Expansion of the production area by 1300 sqm

Since mid-2020, extensive construction work has been taking place next to the Pasotec building on Starenstraße. A new, modern production hall will be built adjacent to the existing building to expand the production area by 1300 sqm.